1. Become a Friend of the Brenton Blue butterfly (see Public Relations for more information)
  2. Learn more about South African butterflies. Reference: Field Guide to Butterflies of South Africa. Steve Woodhall. 2005. Published by Struik, Cape Town (may also be available as a reference in some libraries)
  3. Join the South African Butterfly Conservation Atlas project, SABCA as a butterfly observer or photographer.
  4. Join the Lepidopterists’ Society of Africa
  5. If you live in a butterfly sensitive area, do not use pesticides or herbicides in your garden, and fill your garden with indigenous plants – preferably butterfly food plants (see Woodhall, 2005, available from Struik, Cape Town)
  6. If you hear of any large developments (> 1 hectare extent) in your area, register as an interested and affected person, and insist on a butterfly survey to be done by an expert as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment. Contact LepSoc for expert input.