Erven - plural of erf, which means stand or plot of land.

Floristics - the study of the distribution, number, types, and relationships of plant species in an area or areas.

Formicarium - a container or box in which ants may be kept alive, and from which they cannot escape, which may include an ant's nest with ant brood.

Nanoscale - a nanometre is a thousand millionth of a metre (10-9m). Nanoscale structures refers to formations which are only a few nanometres to a few hundred nanometres long. This is much smaller than the microscopic scale, which is only at a millionth of a metre (10-6m).

Interglacial refugium - places to which cold adapted organisms are confined during the warm periods between ice ages (glaciations). For example polar bears are confined to the arctic region.

Polyommatines - a butterfly of the sub family Polyommatinae (click here for scientific classification) these are mostly Blues, including the Brenton Blue.

Lycaenid - a butterfly of the family Lycaenidae (click here for scientific classification). This encompasses the blues.

Myrmecophily - from the Greek "myrmos" (ant) and "philos" (to love). The life cycles of many lycaenid butterflies are closely associated, and sometimes even largely dependent on, ants. This is known as myrmecophily and takes three forms: facultative, obligate and trophyllactic myrmecophily. Facultative myrmecophily is a casual association between lycaenid caterpillars and ants and is not essential to either species. In obligate myrmecophily, the association with ants is essential for the completion of the life cycle. In this case, the larvae may be carnivorous and eat the ant's eggs or larvae, which makes the association closer to parasitism. In trophyllactic myrmecophily, the butterfly larvae are fed by the worker ants. In all cases, the lycaenid larvae are able to secrete substances from specially-evolved glands, which stimulate the ants to respond to them in the desired way. In some cases, the secreted substance is a highly nutritious food source for the ants.

Phylogenetic - relating to or based on evolutionary development or history: a phylogenetic classification of species.