Friends of the Brenton Blue
The property owners around the Brenton Blue reserve have become the founder members of the “Friends of the Brenton Blue Society”. The wider public is now being invited to join and should click here to apply. Friends of the Brenton Blue will receive a certificate of membership and a bi-annual newsletter.

Join the Friends of the Brenton Blue

Guided Tours
Commencing November 2008, the BBT will allow a limited number of guided tours to the BBBR. Parties are limited to four persons maximum, with two tours per day at 12 noon and 1.00pm, weather permitting (it needs to be sunny and warm with little wind). Tours will be guided by a butterfly expert, and will include watching the adult butterflies flying; showing of the food plant and the breeding sites; and the viewing of a fascinating video detailing the life history of this butterfly. Tours are only conducted during the butterfly’s peak emergence periods from 5th to 25th November and from 5th to 25th February.

Interested persons should contact Dr Dave Edge on 044 3810014 to make a booking. Visitors should arrange their own transport to the reserve, the entrance to which is situated at the end of Fynbosoord in Brenton-on-Sea (see map). The charge is R100 per person, with all funds going towards the BBT for conservation of the Brenton Blue.

Brenton Blue DVD
This is a 20-minute DVD, detailing the life history of the butterfly (male and female behaviour; mating rituals; oviposition; larval instars; host ants; and interviews with key players in the campaign to save the butterfly). We acknowledge
SABC’s 50-50 programme for permission to make this brilliant film available to the public.
(Note: this video is still in production, but will be available to order on this site soon.)